Winter & Spring Camps

Spring Camps 2018

Spring Camp at the Fleet Science Center


Spring Camps

Upcoming Dates:

  • March 26, 2018 - 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • March 27, 2018 - 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • March 28, 2018 - 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Join Spring Camps at the Fleet, where new adventures await each day! Our science–themed spring camps provide exciting experiments, intriguing investigations and fantastic fun. (Oh—and don’t tell the kids, but they’ll be learning a lot, too!) Grades 1–3 can enjoy a variety of fun and educational activities and themes and Grades 4–8 work on sharpening their computer science and technology skills.

STEAM Spring Camp: Grades 1–3


Members: $55 per day
Nonmembers: $60 per day

Please view our Public Programs Policies for more information on reservation changes and fees.

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Each day of STEAM Spring camp will incorporate important skills using science, technology, engineering, art and math. Campers will explore the museum’s exhibit galleries and engage in hands–on activities. Sign up for individual days or the whole week!

March 26 – Science Too Small to See

Some of the smallest things can have amazing impacts. Explore tiny cells that make up all living things and discover a whole world of microbes that live in you!

March 27 – Science of Sleuthing

Explore techniques like fingerprinting and handwriting analysis. Analyze evidence like a forensic scientist and connect the dots to solve a crime!

March 28 – Art and Science

Discover beauty in science! Explore the Fleet’s newest exhibitions for artistic and science based inspiration. Creating something unique!

March 29 – Auto Craze

Shift in to gear as we build a variety of vehicles, and complete a crash test using Newton’s Laws. Licenses not required!

March 30 – Science Fact or Fiction

Use the scientific processes and principles to test out myths from television and pop culture 

Minecraft Modding Spring Camps – Grades 4-8

Members: $65

Nonmembers: $70

Please view our Public Programs Policies for more information on reservation changes and fees.

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This spring break the Fleet Science Center and ThoughtSTEM have come together to bring you the ultimate week of camp that brings computer science and coding to life. With the new Marvel Avengers movie right around the corner, we’ve designed coding projects that teach students how to modify Minecraft to include features of their favorite Marvel comics. Each day you will learn how to code a different project, each more exciting than the last. You do not have to take all of the courses, but taking more than one will put you on the way to becoming a true Computer Hero!

March 26 – Marvel Blocks

Design and code your own Marvel themed blocks in Minecraft and then use them to craft your own landscape and structures!

March 27 – Marvel Items

Create custom Marvel items like baby Groot, Thor's hammer, or Captain America's shield. Learn how to make new items “use the force” with code!

March 28 – Marvel Super Powers

Recreate classic Marvel super hero powers, like Hulk's super strength or Rocket the raccoon's blaster. Or make up your own super powers that you can try out on your friends (or your enemies…)

March 29 – Marvel Mobs

Design and code your own Marvel–themed characters into Minecraft. Learn how to program mobs to act like characters from your favorite comics.

March 30 – Marvel Worlds

Design and code your own Marvel themed worlds in Minecraft! We'll be recreating scenes from some of the recent Marvel movies.


Spring Camp at theNAT

School is out, but fun and science are always in.

Join us this spring break as we discover dinosaurs, investigate wacky animal behavior, and get inspired by nature’s wonders. The San Diego Natural History Museum offers flexible, single-day experiences for budding scientists in grades 1–5.

Registration is now open.

Three easy ways to register:

  • Online
  • By phone at 877.946.7797
  • In person at the Museum's Admission Desks

Single-day camps are offered March 27-31.

  • Each camp runs from 9 AM–4 PM
  • Members $53 | Non-members $58
  • Camps that visit Ultimate Dinosaurs require an additional $5 fee to cover admission to the exhibition.
  • Camp is NUT FREE. Please plan snacks and lunches accordingly.

Have a question? Check out our quick reference guide and FAQs .

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Spring Camp at Museum of Photographic Arts

Spending Spring Break in San Diego?  We hope that your kids will join us for Spring Camps!  Daily camps will be offered during the week of March 26-30 exploring a variety of photographic skills and creative techniques. These hands-on, exploratory camps are designed for kids ages 7-12.


Registration now open!  


Daily camps will be offered March 26 through 30.  

All camps are 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.


$55 per day for MOPA members and Explorer Pass holders

$60 per day for all others

*Sibling discount - 10%

*Are you a military or first responder family?  Email for a partner code for 10% off and thank you for your service!

Daily Camps:

Monday - Photo Manipulation

We all love beautiful photos, but sometimes we are left wanting more. Join us for a day of experimentation on how to “ruin” photos. Create unique works of art inspired by the unusual processes of contemporary photographers.

Tuesday - Creative Projects in Photography

Explore the magic of photography in this camp! Join us for a day of mystery, magic, and humor. Use light, perspective, and your imagination to develop and create magical photos.

Wednesday - Self(ie) Portrait

Explore yourself(ie) through photography! Join us for a day of fun capturing creative self portraits and silly selfies. Learn a little more about yourself and how you can express yourself in a photograph.

Thursday - Get Colorful!

Let’s get colorful! Join us for a day of exploring color and creating unique photographs inspired by the beautiful colors found in the world around us.

Friday - Media Mix-Up

Mix and match your photographs with other materials. Join us for a day of fun combining your photographs with magazines, newspapers, and other materials to create unique works of art.